ERP Software Suite

ERP Software Suite

Implementing an ERP system can be costly, time-consuming, complex, and risky. Businesses that fail to implement ERP software often do so because they are unable to recognize the appropriate ERP software suite for their organization. ERP software packages differ greatly in price and functionality. The software system required by any organization depends on its current needs, the available CRM resources, the existing technologies, and the organization’s business plan.

ERP Software Suite

ERP software suite offers various benefits to organizations. ERP software suite from Connected IT Consulting consists of four components: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Analytics. ERP software suite from Sage contains robust and scalable applications that provide complete solutions for manufacturing, distribution, and financial management. ERP from Sage implements all the core functionality needed by organizations in order to accomplish planned business objectives.

Financial Management ERP software

Financial Management ERP software from Connected IT Consulting contains financial management systems that include accounting, auditing, collection, and analysis capabilities. The accounting systems of this ERP software suite offer comprehensive solutions for the measurement and treatment of financial assets, liabilities, and financial control.

Financial systems from Connected IT Consulting combine sophisticated analytics with a user-friendly interface for efficient management of the enterprise’s financial data. Besides accounting systems, financial systems from Connected IT Consulting ERP also include collection systems and logistics systems. These enable organizations to gain access to the relevant information quickly and efficiently.

ERP Software Suite

Developing ERP software

Developing ERP software suite from Connected IT contains functionalities for accounting, manufacturing, quality, and materials management. This ERP software suite manages plant-level manufacturing processes, such as material planning, material purchasing, material scheduling, and material returns. It enables organizations to evaluate their manufacturing processes, determine improvements, and implement solutions for improved manufacturing processes. Quality ERP software suite from Sage includes capabilities for estimating and delivering quality parts. Through this ERP software system, organizations can gain a competitive edge in the manufacturing market. learn more about material management at

Operations ERP software

Operations ERP software is designed to manage all the aspects of on-hand business activities. It can integrate all functions under one main window, which can be navigated easily. Operational ERP software offers complete integration of planning, materials management, work orders, material tracking, job cost, labor, and other on-hand business activities. Workforce management and staffing strategies supported by this ERP software are especially useful for those organizations operating in a large sector.

Finance ERP software

Finance ERP software provides the core accounting and finance functionalities necessary for managing corporate finances. It allows the integration of customer invoice processing, financial transaction processing, and budgeting for financial activities. Finance ERP software packages include modules that integrate accounting with decision making, sales, inventory, payables, and receivables, accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cost of goods sold, gross margin, and other industry-specific functions. Such ERP systems are designed to support the short and long-term financing needs of an organization.

Inventory ERP software

Inventory ERP software package from SAP Business Information Solutions (BIS) helps the management to effectively manage the inventories of their customers, suppliers, stock, and warehouses. This assists in effective inventory control, forecasting of product demand, supplier information, and operational tasks such as material tracking. Inventory management involves complex decisions regarding how to optimize the sources of supply and how to increase the speed of deliveries to customers. This helps in achieving greater flexibility in planning and response to customer requirements. BIS Enterprise Inventory software allows users to integrate all the different elements of the inventory, including product ordering and payments, material management, asset tracking, and distribution.


ERP software suite from Oracle includes several functionalities that help in integrating the information from diverse modules. The ERP modules include Oracle Financial Systems, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Real Estate. ERP software suite from Pervasive Software also includes various features to manage manufacturing processes. The ERP modules include ERPware, PLM, Plantation, Info-security, and Warehouse Management. These ERP systems also support data mining, enterprise data management, and micro and small business applications.

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